Found In Time


Two extraordinary warriors take on the challenge of battling their country’s enemies in today’s complex world. Why do they believe they will succeed where others have failed? They possess a new top-secret weapon—the ability to travel back in time.

Major J.J. Jackson, a highly decorated Marine whose focus in life is to seek & destroy terrorists, is tasked by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to test the revolutionary technology that promises the U.S. a military and political edge over foreign and domestic threats. Incredible excursions to famous places and times test the team to the point where some will not return. When JJ goes rogue and asks a higher power to save the woman he loves everyone’s lives will be changed forever.

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The Lost Pulse


The world is in crisis. Camp David lies in ruins. Fortifications resembling the Berlin Wall surround The White House. An assault on Guantanamo Bay releases dangerous enemies and leaves slaughtered guards lying in their blood. In the Vatican, the Pope is at risk, while in Moscow a powerful man seeks revenge.

In the never-ending war of good versus evil, passionate men and women will take on the challenge of rescuing civilization. But one will wage an even more personal crusade that may be doomed from the start.

In the critically acclaimed Found in Time, a select group of Marines was tasked with testing a top-secret time travel technology in the hope of turning the battle against terrorism in their favor. Following great reviews and in response to readers’ requests for more, author JK Kelly continues the extraordinary journey and riveting action in The Lost Pulse.

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Fuelin' Around


Following the release of Kelly's riveting military thriller FOUND IN TIME he continued to do what James Patterson told him; give the reader what they want. So many people had expressed to Kelly that his career in motorsports sounded fun and fascinating and that it was an adventure that needed to be told. FUELIN’ AROUND is the story of someone who followed their dreams. Many imagine working in the exciting world of motorsports is filled with trips around the world, racing action, celebrities, champagne corks popping and cameras flashing while the confetti flies. That might all be a part of it but racing is really about people pursuing their passions in a very fast lane. It looked incredible and JK wanted in.

Follow the path of a young motorsports writer/photographer who traveled coast to coast working races, became the P.R. Director for Darrell Waltrip and the Gatorade 88 NASCAR team, and then landed a key role with VP Racing Fuels where he and many others helped build a small Texas company into an international competitor. Whether it was tuning up a slingshot, drinking a fuel sample, being pulled over by the Israeli Military, strategic thinking, or playing with fire, there was rarely a dull moment. The incident at 38,000 feet was something you just can't make up.

This is an American success story that takes a behind the scenes look at a classic David versus Goliaths battle, of a life on the racing road, and the personal and professional victories and numbing defeats that came with getting what he had wished for.  It's about people loving what they do. The reviewers have all said they couldn’t put it down. Find out why.

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About the Author

Jim Kelly has been writing since grade school and was first published in Highlights Magazine responding to a question from the editor. While studying Journalism and Law Enforcement at Penn State University, on weekends he traveled across the country covering racing as a photographer, feature writer, and columnist for motorsports magazines. He then went to work in Charlotte as the PR Director for Darrell Waltrip's Gatorade 88 NASCAR team.

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