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About the Author

Jim Kelly has always been known for his passion and that is clearly on display in his story telling. His debut novel, FOUND IN TIME, is the result of his love of action and adventure. He also has a profound respect and admiration for the men and women who put themselves in harms way.

Kelly writes with fast-paced precision and if he’s included a historic site in a story like Normandy, Hiroshima, Jerusalem, Moscow, or the Isle of Man, it’s only after he traveled there to see and feel it for himself first and then lay the story over it. For Found In Time, to be sure he “got it right,” Kelly also relied on input from U.S. Marines and Navy Seals. That paid off with a military man’s summation of the book with one word: “Wow!”

Kelly’s imagination and creativity left the Midwest Book Review to write, “A truly riveting read from cover to cover, “Found In Time” reveals the author’s genuine flair for originality and a deftly crafted novel that is unreservedly recommended.”

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“JK” to his friends and book lovers, Kelly grew up in Upper Darby and now lives in Media, Pennsylvania. Kelly studied Law Enforcement and Journalism at Penn State but an unexpected detour drove him to a career in motorsports. First as a photographer and feature story writer with credits in Super Stock, Car Craft, and Hot Rod magazines. He worked with Darrell Waltrip and the Gatorade 88 team on the NASCAR circuit and then spent over thirty years with VP Racing Fuels where today he serves as a consultant assisting with strategic initiatives and public relations. His next novel, FUELIN’ AROUND, launches this fall.

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Based on the reader response and great reviews FOUND IN TIME has received, and knowing there is so much more to the story, Kelly is deep into the sequel and is planning for a summer 2019 release. For updates on book signings and exclusive excerpts from the upcoming novels be sure to sign up.

“A truly riveting read from cover to cover.” – Midwest Book Review

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