About the Author

Kelly worked in motorsports for decades but particularly enjoyed his time in the world of F1 and racing fuel. JK told his own story in the well received novel FUELIN’ AROUND and then wrote his latest DEADLY DRIVER – an international thriller about a Formula One race car driver who gets mixed up with the CIA and MI6. Reviews from racers, book lovers, and the media alike have been excellent and Kelly is now writing a sequel.

Kelly’s debut novels FOUND IN TIME and the sequel THE LOST PULSE are military-themed thrillers involving time travel where a select group of U.S. Marine Raiders are chosen to test this new technology while addressing a few situations they believe should have ended differently. Kelly followed those two works with THE EXPORT and then THE EXPORT’S REVENGE, continuing his fast-paced style to which BestThrillers.com wrote, “A first-rate action thriller that manages to be highly personal while delivering regular doses of ferocious action. Highly Recommended.”

Kelly grew up in suburban Philadelphia and lives there now with his wife Lisa. His first writing credits came decades ago in motorsport magazines and he began using his “JK” nickname in writing credits when he encountered an editor of the same name. He then worked in PR with NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip and then spent thirty years with VP Racing Fuels before taking an early retirement to get back to his first love – writing.