About the Author

Jim “JK” Kelly’s always been regarded as a great storyteller by his friends and peers and in 2017 JK put his passion and imagination to work in his debut novel FOUND IN TIME and the sequel THE LOST PULSE. His upcoming two novels due out in 2021 are also regarded as real page-turners by early reviewers who love reading the mystery and thriller genres.

In his early years, JK studied Journalism and Law Enforcement in college but on many weekends in 1976 -78 he pursued another passion, motorsports, and travel from Penn State to auto races along the east coast as a freelance writer and photographer for magazines like Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Car Craft, and Hot Rod. He even drove all the way to Los Angeles to cover an event only to have it delayed due to of all things – snow.

When a dream job with a NASCAR team in Charlotte opened up JK moved there to work as the PR Director for the Gatorade/DiGard 88 team and driver Darrell Waltrip. From there JK spent the next 35 years traveling the world as a Regional Manager and then Director of Sales & Marketing helping to build VP Racing Fuels into the global player it is today. He wrote about his career and the success story in the popular novel FUELIN’ AROUND.

JK lives in suburban Pennsylvania with his wife Lisa and loves travel, photography, and the ever-growing number of grandchildren.