J.K. Kelly

About the Author

Regarding Kelly’s debut novel The Midwest Book Review wrote, “A deftly crafted and impressively original military science fiction action/adventure novel by an author with a genuine flair for engaging and holding his reader’s total attention from beginning to end, ‘FOUND IN TIME’ by J. K. Kelly is especially and unreservedly recommended…” Kelly has had a passion for writing that dates back to grade school when a letter to the editor of Highlights magazine earned him his first writing credit.  He studied Law Enforcement and Journalism at Penn State University and after attending his first NASCAR race he fell in love with motorsports.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as Kelly’s uncorrected vision didn’t pass the FBI’s high standards and his career in the administration of justice hit an insurmountable roadblock.  Luckily he was good with a camera lens. It wasn’t long before his passion for travel, racing, writing, and photography all came together when he attended a race and a friend suggested the photos he took were good enough for publication.  Within months Kelly was writing feature stories and a column for a racing magazine and working as a freelancer in the industry.  His first cover shot was taken at the Cape Kennedy Space Center in Florida where he staged a rocket powered race car underneath the towering NASA rockets of the day.

When a dream job, working for a NASCAR team, opened up he jumped at the chance and worked as the PR Director for Darrell Waltrip and the Gatorade 88 race team on the NASCAR circuit. The demands of the job forced Kelly to put his “JK Kelly” writing ambitions to the side and Kelly eventually went to work with a small start-up company in the racing fuel business.  He became part of a classic David versus Goliath battle that took him around the world while waging that war but after a very successful and fulfilling career at VP Racing Fuels Kelly retired from the corporate world to get back to his family and his writing.  First he crafted FOUND IN TIME and in response to so many people saying he had lived such an interesting life in motorsports he published the non-fiction novel titled FUELIN’ AROUND that received great reviews from racers, magazine editors, and race fans alike.  The sequel to FOUND IN TIME, titled THE LOST PULSE, is now complete and scheduled to launch this October and is available for pre-order on Kindle/Amazon.   The next adventure in writing, set to release in the fall of 2020, is a continuation of the FOUND IN TIME and THE LOST PULSE thrill ride.

Kelly lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife Lisa and has three adult children and three beautiful granddaughters.  Where did the “JK” come from? Back in the 70’s some of his friends just started calling him “JK” perhaps because the popular television show “Dallas” had a main character named “JR”. Kelly insists, with a wink, that the resemblance is in nickname only. Cheers.