Audible has something for everyone!

November 10th, 2022

Audible books have changed the game forever and as an avid “reader” I love the freedom they provide. Every time I get behind the wheel for a long drive to Indy, Daytona, or two hours to go ten miles in LA I take advantage of the chance to take a break from my own writing and LISTEN to a good book. Jack Carr, Matt Greaney, and the fantastic editor I worked with on THE EXPORT and THE EXPORT’S REVENGE (and now author) Ryan Steck all have exceptional audiobooks just waiting for you. It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer or wish to try, and iTunes have something great waiting for you.

By the way, my latest thriller SPY DRIVER is also now available on iTunes, Amazon, and If you or someone you know spends their days driving a big rig, flying, or working hands-free on an assembly line those are just three examples of opportunities to read, learn, to be entertained. Click here to order SPY DRIVER on Audible, here to order on Amazon, or visit the iTunes app, and before you know it you’ll be at the start of another adventure. JK


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