FUELIN’ AROUND is the story of someone who followed their dreams. Many imagine working in the exciting world of motorsports is filled with trips around the world, racing action, celebrities, champagne corks popping and cameras flashing while the confetti flies. That might all be a part of it but racing is really about people pursuing their passions in a very fast lane. It looked incredible and JK wanted in.

Follow the path of a young motorsports writer/photographer who traveled coast to coast working races, became the P.R. Director for Darrell Waltrip and the Gatorade 88 NASCAR team, and then landed a key role with VP Racing Fuels where he and many others helped build a small Texas company into an international competitor. Whether it was tuning up a slingshot, drinking a fuel sample, being pulled over by the Israeli Military, strategic thinking, or playing with fire, there was rarely a dull moment. The incident at 38,000 feet was something you just can’t make up.

This is an American success story that takes a behind the scenes look at a classic David versus Goliaths battle, of a life on the racing road, and the personal and professional victories and numbing defeats that came with getting what he had wished for.  It’s about people loving what they do. The reviewers have all said they couldn’t put it down. Find out why.