The Lost Pulse, an excerpt

Written by J.K. Kelly on March 16th, 2019

Chapter One

Montana, Current Time

“You know I love it here,” Michelle said. Her brother nodded and looked back to the landscape they were driving through. The beautiful aspens, the orange leaves, and the blue sky above that surrounded them. “Tommy, there’s something I want to throw at you before I talk to JJ about it.”

Maybe the painkillers were doing their job, numbing his senses, because he didn’t respond. The raid on Camp David had taken place weeks ago, but to him it felt like yesterday. The stealth tactics used by the terrorists, who bled an odorless nerve agent into the air to neutralize the guards at one checkpoint and then another and then the next, had worked flawlessly. With the use of sound-suppressed weapons, snipers, and night vision goggles, the highly trained invaders held the advantage, this time. With amazing speed and numbers, the terrorists quickly gained ground and within minutes had silently overtaken nearly every one of the Presidential retreat’s security systems and guards.

This new breed of terrorist had implemented their version of shock and awe and used it almost to perfection. Nearly sixty invaders had gotten closer and closer to the President of the United States without detection. Luckily, there happened to be a very special group of Marines with him that night.

Inside the retreat’s Aspen cabin, a joyful reunion had been taking place. Four U.S. Marines, Major Jim “JJ” Jackson, Captain Tommy Wilson and Sergeant Christy White had recently been rescued after being stranded for three years in a Middle Eastern desert. The fourth, Sergeant Omar Sharif, had headed home to Michigan to be reunited with his own family.

An incredible life-saving mission had gone horribly wrong. Years before this Jackson had been handpicked by then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Marine General Richard Stewart to assemble two small teams and test a new, top-secret technology that had been developed by the Department of Defense.

The Black Ops Time Machine program, nicknamed Bottom, wasn’t a machine at all. It incorporated small pulse devices worn around the necks of six participants who would form a ring. Once geographic coordinates and landing dates and times were programmed in at their secret operations hanger at Andrews AFB, the operatives were able to go back in time.

Initially Team One, T1, led by Jackson, had gone on simple missions to test the technology and themselves while the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, who had originally scoffed at what they thought was science fiction, discussed how best to use this new weapon or if they would use it at all. The night T1 launched their fateful journey, Jackson, Tommy’s brother in law and team leader, had disobeyed direct orders and took his team on an extremely risky mission.



"A truly riveting read from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

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