The Export set to debut May 25

Written by J.K. Kelly on March 4th, 2021

I’m thrilled to announce that my next novel THE EXPORT is set to launch on May 26th just in time for summer reads and plane rides as we get closer and closer to some sense of normalcy here and around the world. Here’s a blurb about the new book.

The tranquility of the moonlit beach in Thailand was a far cry from the Base Camp he’d visited months before. After all, people die on Everest all the time, that’s to be expected. But when a trekker is found in his tent with a climbing ax stuck in his forehead that got people’s attention. Coincidentally, a very talented investigator from the U.S. was there on a personal journey and was able to make some sense of the mystery – as much as time would allow.  The unique challenges he confronts from there and how he winds up standing over a beach body in Ko Samui is quite a tale.

Set up for a crime he didn’t commit he was given a choice: serve jail time or practice your trade elsewhere. It didn’t take his incredible intuition to make the smart move and on that day, Matt Christopher became THE EXPORT.

The action never stops. From helping a friend at MI5 stop a serial killer with ties to one of the most powerful figures in England, babysitting a fraud in Quebec, trying to rescue a father and son from their sordid game in Moscow, and escaping to the serenity of Zermatt only to be swept back in as a murderer reveals herself in the shadows of the Eagles Nest. When the woman who helped raise him, not just any woman but America’s DNI, is found dead at her home in the states Matt’s stunned when he finds what she’s left behind. With his Achilles exposed – the one thing that washed him out of Navy SEALS training, his love for Bella may never be the same. A passport, for which Matt has many, isn’t required for this thrill ride.

I have to thank a lot of great people who had something to do with helping me, and this novel, grow and develop further. Brandon Webb, Ryan Steck, Andrew Lock, and Maureen Morrison. It’s been quite a journey since FOUND IN TIME debuted and I hope you enjoy reading this travel-filled adventure.

THE EXPORT is now available for Kindle pre-orders at with the paperback ready to ship on launch day. We’ll be posting book reviews and also excerpts and updates for what’s up next in the coming weeks so be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who purchased FOUND IN TIME, THE LOST PULSE, and FUELIN’ AROUND. I think you’ll find THE EXPORT and THE EXPORT’S REVENGE have been worth the wait. JK

"A truly riveting read from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

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