Written by J.K. Kelly on March 24th, 2021

Writing a novel usually takes me nine months to a year, start to finish. There’s a period then, in the quiet, where you wait and hope with fingers crossed that readers and reviewers will enjoy the work. I’m pleased to say, with sincere gratitude and appreciation, that we may have done okay with the trio of books set to release soon. Take a look.


“A true page-turner…  Kelly delivers a fast-moving plot, topnotch characterization, and a mind-bending mystery in his series kicker in THE EXPORT series, featuring the former FBI Special Agent Matt Christopher. Tired of dirty politics and corrupt politicians, Matt’s job as The Export supporting his country’s intelligence services provides him the opportunity to do what he loves most—to apprehend the most dangerous criminals and bring them to justice. On a personal excursion to see Base Camp on Everest, Matt has an opportunity to study the crime scene of a British national’s murder before he is called to London to help MI5 nab a serial killer. But when one of his own is murdered, Matt finds himself thrown into a deadly game of betrayal and treacheries. Kelly risks exploring several storylines with murder and conspiracy around different places in the world, but it pays off greatly: as the story progresses, he expertly jacks up the suspense, and several different threads come together to form a single picture, with the narrative racing toward an explosive climax. The heavy doses of procedural detail and killing make this an ideal read for hardcore FBI-MI5 thriller devotees, who will welcome Matt as the kickass protagonist. This is a knockout,” Prairie Revie

“Everest and murder what more is there to say. Wonderful combination that captures the reader from the first page.” ★★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

“Author J.K. Kelly drew an intricate plot with one of the most complex characters I have ever read. Matt is a one-of-a-kind protagonist who is sure of himself, understands his limitations, and plays to his strengths. The author plays the narrative like a maestro. J.K. Kelly introduces different plotlines and subplots; they weave different murder stories and conspiracies together and, in the end, give a cohesive story that is just a delight to read.”  READER’S FAVORITE ★★★★★

“The Export will appeal to lovers of investigation, conspiracy, and politically themed books. The plot was unique, and the development of the storyline was consistent. It takes a creative mind like Kelly’s in crafting such unpredictable and knee-jerking scenes. The dialogues flowed effortlessly, making the book an easy-to-follow masterpiece!”  READER’S FAVORITE★★★★★

“The Export is another satisfying read from J.K. Kelly, a prequel to The Export’s Revenge and a gorgeous thriller featuring the protagonist that I already am addicted to. J.K. Kelly puts so much into the plot and the reader wonders if he can pull it off, but this author’s storytelling skills leave no gaps. The plot is tight and twisty and the story reminds me of why I fell in love with the likes of Lee Child and James Patterson. This is a rip-roaring ride for anyone who enjoys action-packed thrillers with memorable characters and an exquisitely written international setting.” READER’S FAVORITE ★★★★★


“Relentlessly entertaining… A grabber.  Replete with high action, drama, intrigue, and murder, Kelly’s second installment in THE EXPORT series sees Matt Christopher confront the ultimate betrayal. Trying to deal with a close friend’s treachery, Matt is in Thailand when he receives the tragic news of his sister’s brutal killing. His hunt for the killer brings him face to face with a dangerous psychopath, a woman from the past. With the help of Francesca, a trained operative with Italy’s Special Forces who has her own agenda, Matt sets on to face the deadly game. Kelly complicates the story line with regular doses of unexpected twists, and the intricate plotting and fully fleshed-out characters keep the reader invested. The mystery at the heart of the plot is intriguing and the pacing brisk. The expert combination of nearly nonstop action, immersive prose, and the expertly executed plot makes for a memorable experience. Fans of nail-biting FBI-MI5 thrillers will look forward to his next. Kelly deserves a wide readership,” Prairie Reviews

“THE EXPORT’S REVENGE by J.K. Kelly is a gripping thriller with an international setting, taking readers across countries from the Gulf of Thailand to the Vatican Museum, from London to Peru, and to the White House. Kelly plots with style and writes settings that are colorful and make it easy for readers to imagine the places where the action is taking place. The writing in itself is superb, littered with vivid descriptions of scenes and elements of the setting and well-crafted dialogues. The protagonist is a well-developed character and I enjoyed how the author brings characters from his past into his current mission. His relationships with other characters, especially Francesca, are brilliantly written. THE EXPORT’S REVENGE is a novel for readers who enjoy stories packed with action and characters they cannot easily forget. The characters are multi-dimensional and some of them are completely different from what they look like at first, and this increases the complexity in both plot and characterization. The story is suspenseful; an absolutely thrilling yarn that I couldn’t put down.” Grace Masso, Reader’s Favorite ★★★★★

“The Export’s Revenge by J.K. Kelly is a crime novel that will appeal to lovers of action. It is fast-paced and exposes the intersection between politics and law enforcement. The area of overlap between these two is power, and those on both sides of the divide will do anything to get ahead and grasp it. The upright people caught in the madness become threats or pawns in this game, making them dispensable either way. I enjoyed the plot of this novel, which had depth, was unique, and unpredictable. The development was superb and the characters realistic. I loved the multifaceted nature of Matt and the wit of Wes. There has to be more for Francesca and her confusing attitude at the meetup. This is a beautiful book, and I’d love to read more of Kelly’s work.”  Reviewed By Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★


“Clever, thrilling, and full of intrigue, this is suspense thriller done right. Kelly’s spectacularly crafted latest plunges readers into a fully realized world of murder, conspiracy, and intrigue. A celebrated Formula One race car driver, Bryce Winters thinks he has seen a lifetime of danger racing cars on race tracks. But when his own country’s CIA throws him into a treacherous world of murder and secret assignments, securing his freedom becomes a deadly game of wit and murder. Bryce must tread carefully or risk losing everything he holds dear. The narrative moves at a vigorous pace, and readers will find themselves acclimating to Bryce’s visceral world right from the start. The fast-moving plot, with deadly conspiracies, shocking revelations, brutal killings, sinister villains, and intrigue and revenge keep the pages flying. The endearingly flawed protagonist, immersive details of car racing, and deadly battles both with the powerful enemies and inner turmoil make this a page-turner.” Prairie Reviews

“This thriller provided exciting and unexpected intrigue from behind the scenes in Formula 1. It captivated me and I couldn’t wait to turn every page”  – Judy Stropus, 2021 inductee of Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

“I’m past halfway on the book and I’m really into it… I love the mixture of racing and the roller coaster mystery while intertwined with the travel,” Ron Capps – NHRA Funny Car Driver, 2016 World Champion.

“DEADLY DRIVER is a fast-paced and highly entertaining ride that you just don’t want to get off. Author J.K. Kelly’s novel feels as if it wouldn’t look out of place as a script in a big-budget Hollywood movie. With an original premise, compelling characters, and swashbuckling action sequences, Deadly Driver feels like a rush of adrenaline injected straight into your veins. I enjoyed the distinct relationship dynamics Bryce had with Uncle Pete, Jack, and Kyoto. I couldn’t have guessed the way Max Werner’s storyline resolved itself and found his character arc completely unpredictable. Overall, I had a blast reading Deadly Driver. Readers who love cars and action-packed thrillers should give this one a go.”  P. Deka, Reader’s Favorite ★★★★

“Thanks to the book I’m hooked on F1!” Alex Robertson – Narrator, Audible format

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"A truly riveting read from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

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