Goin’ to the Gators?

Written by J.K. Kelly on March 3rd, 2019

Dating all the way back to 1976, when the NHRA Gatornationals held at Gainesville, Florida were just seven years old, a group of us would patiently wait out the cold and snow of the Northeast and then all pile into a car and drive non-stop from Philadelphia to Florida for the drag racing spectacle that turns 50 this March 14-18. We couldn’t wait to get to the sun and fun that always met us there. This year’s trip will be special for me too, especially because I’ll be doing a book signing at the track. My latest novel, FUELIN’ AROUND, has received great reviews from motorsports editors, racers, and fans alike. Consequently, this seems like the perfect time to post the YouTube book trailer on my website. It’s available in paperback or ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com and at many other outlets.

In FUELIN’ AROUND I go all the way back to when I first became involved in the racing industry as a photographer/writer for magazines and Gainesville has and always will mean a lot to me. Among about a hundred other things, I will never forget when shrapnel shot off of an exploding nitro car engine and embedded itself in the front seat of Shirley Muldowney’s pinkish dodge crew cab dually. Luckily it was vacant at the time. That of course was before they moved the pro lanes so they were adjacent to the starting line and devices were engineered to keep explosions, flying objects, and oil downs to a minimum. You can find out a bit more about the book and yours truly here at Amazon Author Central.

If you are at all curious about the book you can take Bruce Larson’s or Mike Christopher’s or hundreds of other happy readers words for it and buy it here now. If you are lucky enough to be headed to the Gatornationals be sure to stop by the DRAW booth on the Midway where I will be signing copies of FUELIN’ AROUND Friday through Sunday from 12 to 2. Come see us and safe travels.   JK

"A truly riveting read from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

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