Following your dreams…

Written by J.K. Kelly on May 30th, 2021

I’m reading SUMMIT 8000, Andrew Lock’s autobiography about his summiting some of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest. It relates the great suffering and sacrifice he and others endured to reach the top, some succeeding while others failed – all reveling in the effort, the climb to succeed.  For many of those climbers that relish the camaraderie and the challenges recognize it all comes at a cost. Some will lose family due to their pursuit of the summit, some will lose fingers or toes to frostbite, and some will lose it all.

There are some parallels to working in motorsport. While it is the race car driver who risks it all, it is the support team and the suppliers and the journalists who get to share in the splash of champagne from time to time while doing what they love. But that can come at a cost too. The children crying, “When are you coming home,” broken marriages, and so on.

In the novel FUELIN’ AROUND I related my story of falling to the allure of the road and a life in motorsports and while reaching my personal summits it too came at a cost. If you like a good laugh or perhaps are interested in what it took to help take VP Racing Fuels from a start-up in South Texas to where it was when I retired in 2015, give it a read.

I’ve been very lucky in life, going back to the first day when my adoptive parents chose me over the dozen other babies in the nursery. I couldn’t be more grateful for them and the opportunities and journey this blessed life has taken me on.  In my latest thriller, DEADLY DRIVER, I created Bryce Winters, a character that had a gift – the ability to drive a race car, any race car, really well.  He had reached his summits and then wanted more. I could have called the book, “Chasing Andretti.” Find out why June 9th.

"A truly riveting read from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

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