Written by J.K. Kelly on June 29th, 2021

“Deadly Driver is right up there with the very best racing-themed thrillers. You won’t have much time for pit stops – it’s a flat out read.” ANDREW MARRIOTT, Executive Director of the film STEVE MCQUEEN – THE MAN & LEMANS

Deadly Driver has more twists and turns than Monaco, all of which keep it interesting until the chequered flag. Could be considered a gateway to F1 for non-racing fans.” AUTOSPORT magazine

“In Deadly Driver, Vermont native Bryce Winters blazes through the world of professional motor racing, rising to the very peak of Formula One. His driving talent is world-class and he leads the glamorous life of the Grand Prix elite … but he has a second, top-secret CIA life of political intrigue and murder–a life he will do anything he can to escape. Deadly Driver is a high-speed lap through this breathless private world of beautiful people and ruthless international suspense.” TED WEST, Author – Closing Speed

“Loved it. It was gritty, brutal, propulsive, and had an American James Bond feel to it. JK’s done a great job of giving readers what they expect in a well-crafted thriller.” C E ALBANESE, U.S. Secret Service, Retired.

“Enjoyed it … different to most ‘racing books.’” DAVID HOBBS, F1 Commentator for NBC and former NASCAR, INDY CAR, F1, TRANS AM, and Endurance racer.

“Captivating from the start. What an adventurous, suspenseful and intense story, laced with intriguing characters. A great read!” KELLY WADE, WinLight News

“A true original among spy thrillers and a must-read for race fans.”

“Hard to put down. I enjoyed it.” HURLEY HAYWOOD, 5X winner Daytona 24, 3X winner LeMans 24

“I loved the mixture of racing and the roller coaster mystery while intertwined with the travel,” RON CAPPS – Two-time NHRA Funny Car World Champion.

“Deadly Driver” is a well-written adventure story with a dashing protagonist cast in the James Bond mold – a mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, mind-bending world tour of F1.” 

“This is well-written, fast-paced and action-packed, with excellent characterisation and dialogue. Lots of twists and revelations – and shocks! Great one – thoroughly recommended.” NETGALLEY U.K.  ★★★★★

“This thriller provided exciting and unexpected intrigue from behind the scenes in Formula 1. It captivated me and I couldn’t wait to turn every page.” JUDY STROPUS, 2021 Inductee of Motorsports Hall of Fame – America

“The writing is flawless and I find the pacing so high, I could barely take a break from everything that was happening. Suspenseful, pulse racing story that I highly recommend.” NETGALLEY  ★★★★★

Jetting off to Monte Carlo…speeding through the tight turns of a mountain road en route to an evening at the casinos…what could be more exhilarating? After racing in a grand prix, Bryce Winters boards a luxury yacht to bask in the limelight and mingle with celebrities, only to find a gun to his head…

From the rolling hills of Vermont to some of the world’s most powerful cities, Winters is thrust into improbable adventure, riveting intrigue, and elusive romance. The question remains: can he navigate around the dead-ends in a maze of CIA manipulation and entrapment—or will he fall prey to the sinister forces of underworld intelligence?

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