Coins aren’t the only things in the air over Trevi

August 2nd, 2022

Rome, Italy…. Anyone familiar with the Trevi Fountain in the Eternal City might remember the tradition of tossing a coin in the fountain. If you do throw one into the water it is said you will return some day. In my next thriller, THE BLOOD COMPASS, coins and pigeons aren’t the only things flying through the air.

A terrace much like the one high atop the yellow building to the left in the above photo is the location where Matt and Francesca will come face to face with pure evil and the fast-paced action and intrigue really lights things up. Currently, THE BLOOD COMPASS is under consideration by some of the top literary agents in the states, and based on the great galley reviews the book has received we hope to have some big news for thriller lovers in Q3 of 2023. Be sure to follow JK on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on the links provided. Cheers!


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