Book Trailer Now Available on Youtube

Written by J.K. Kelly on February 7th, 2019

Los Angeles, CA      My brother and I and our late friend Paul Messal actually made our first little film, shot in a funeral home, when we were all in elementary school. I grew up going to the movies. I loved them and still do. The films took us all on adventures far and wide, back in time and way into the future. The movie trailers, that twenty minutes that showed teasers/previews of upcoming films either gave us something to look forward to in a few months or an excuse to run get more popcorn before the real show started.

This week, to promote my latest novel, FUELIN’ AROUND, I released the book trailer.  I was able to produce it on iMovie and for any experts out there yes, I wish I could have discovered how to slow down the few slides that feature the great book reviews or words about the story. I hit the pause button whenever needed. The music seemed a bit much at first but after working through about 37 edits to the project it grew on me. I hope it does the same for you. So here it is, the YouTube book trailer for FUELIN’ AROUND.

If you like the video please be sure to share it. A longer version, with expanded video and music, is in the works and should be up and running by Valentine’s Day. Hmm, Valentine’s Day is coming. Books make great gifts – as long as they accompany chocolates or flowers or a few new tools!


"A truly riveting read from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

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