And now a word on tequila

Written by J.K. Kelly on February 7th, 2019

Having flown out to LA from the East Coast to attend the NHRA opener at Pomona, I was reminiscing with Joker, the truck driver and good friend that I wrote about in FUELIN’ AROUND.  Up until the time I started working races with him, back when we were both employed at VP Racing Fuels, I had zero experience with tequila. Now I understand George Clooney and Cindy Crawford’s husband recently sold their Casamigos brand for a reported $700,000,000 but I just don’t get it – but I do get why they’re all smiling in this photo.

Back in the day, Joker first had me try shots of Cuervo and since I told him they tasted like gasoline he switched me over to Patron. Again, it tasted like gasoline.  It was like switching my taste buds from 87 octane to 93 but both still tasted like, to be kind, gas.  That said, I’m back on my familiar Jaegermeister.  Yep, it tastes like Robitussin. Tastes great but apparently it cures everything. Just check out Chris Rock’s Youtube bit on Robitussin .

If anyone really has a tequila that’s a wee bit smoother, let me know.

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