An Excerpt from Talladega…

Written by J.K. Kelly on February 1st, 2022

The 2022 NASCAR season starts this coming weekend at the LA Coliseum and we thought Cup fans, racing fans, might enjoy reading an excerpt from the spy-thriller DEADLY DRIVER. Buckle up.

The two had first connected back in North Carolina when Bryce was racing NASCAR stock cars. They had hit it off from the start, almost as if they were long lost brothers. Just like Bryce, Jack’s heart was in racing and he worked weekends as part of an “over the wall gang” – the pit crew. The two had been on a winning team that seemed destined to claim the NASCAR championship. That was, until a 210-mph crash at Talladega in Alabama broke Bryce’s left leg and ended his run for that title. Frustrated, the team owner lost interest in the North American market and decided it was time to perform in the ultimate arena where over 400 million passionate fans around the world watched races on TV – Formula One. He made Bryce an offer he couldn’t refuse and encouraged Madigan to come along.

After doing interviews with various media, Bryce posed for photos with at least ten gorgeous Russian women and another dozen of the country’s wealthiest men – their clients, dates or husbands. He finally retreated to his private quarters on the second level of one of the team’s two hospitality trailers in Sochi. For races in Europe, the team had built a state-of-the-art soundproof VIP suite complete with bathroom, shower, bed, at screen TV, surround- sound system, a fully stocked kitchenette with small dining table, two black leather captain’s chairs, a desk and matching loveseat. While everything outside of the suite was covered in the vibrant red and yellow of their team owner and sponsors’ brands, the wall panels and décor of this interior space were much more subdued in subtle yellow and contrasting black lines. Bryce poured his fifth coffee of the morning, turned down the volume on the television and thought about one of the Russian beauties he’d just met. Must be something in the water here. But soon a hard knock at the door interrupted his fantasy.

Two homicide detectives from the Sochi police department stood with one of F1’s plainclothes security force. They had questions and wanted answers now, not later.

“Mr. Winters,” one of the men said as he held a silver badge up for Bryce to inspect. “ There was a homicide at your hotel last night. May we come in?”

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