A sudden exit at Melbourne

Written by J.K. Kelly on April 7th, 2022

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX – An excerpt to celebrate F1’s return to Australia this weekend…

Pre-COVID, Melbourne, Australia was the site of the first race of the new season and after a very good test session in Spain Bryce was optimistic about the New Year and the new ride. Having to attend team meetings and debriefs with his new teammate, Dickie Jones, was unbearable at first, considering Bryce wanted to beat the living daylights out of the guy for knocking him off track as he and Bishop had fought for the championship. Team Manager Mick Roberts, another Brit, hadn’t pushed too hard to make them share a peace pipe just yet. He’d told them he’d let time run its course and encouraged them to bury their differences. Bryce had found that remark hilarious and had laughed, to their consternation, when he’d heard those words.

As luck would have it though, a crash on the very first lap of the race ended his day and meant the 8,000-mile flight from the U.S. was a waste, unless he included the work the CIA had planned for him there.

The private jet ride from Melbourne to Sydney was over before his host could open another bottle of champagne. “Drown your sorrows or celebrate life, your choice my new friend,” Alistair Marshall had said through his homeland’s accent. Marshall was a billionaire, much like Max Werner. Passionate about everything but especially the young twenty-something beauty he wore on his arm like an expensive watch.

Marshall had his hands into nearly every field of business down under, from constructing skyscrapers and exclusive beachfront resorts to owning cable news networks and print media around the globe. Tonight though, he was focused on impressing his new friend and bedding the woman he’d met on holiday in Thailand just weeks before.

“Come with us,” he’d told Bryce. “Spend a few days with us on Bondi Beach and give a few interviews. We’ll drink, we’ll eat, we’ll sun, and who knows what trouble we can find. And we will look for it, I can assure you,” he joked.

Meanwhile, back at Langley, Sandra Jennings had other plans.

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