Find Your Passion and Follow It

Written by J.K. Kelly on June 18th, 2018

Philadelphia – For whatever reason, growing up I had an interest in travel and photography. Maybe it was the LIFE and National Geographic magazines my parents subscribed to and the fact that we traveled to Canada every summer. Fifty years ago, and for the most part still today, Quebec City can be like crossing the ocean and exploring parts of France. The language, the food, the culture all take you far away even if you are only a short drive from Vermont or Maine. I also liked to write, beginning with my first letter to the editor at Highlights magazine. Once I was introduced to motorsports, I had a fourth passion and that’s where the ride really took off.


My family would go up north on holiday and that led me to wonder what else was lurking on the horizon. The amazing photographs of amazing people and places from around the world fueled the travel bug but it also drove me to see the world though my lens. Going to a race with friends was exciting. Taking the color and b&w shots my buddies thought “were good enough for magazines” gave me the encouragement to submit them and quickly see my name in the photo credits. It wasn’t long before writing a feature story to accompany the photos, and a monthly column, gave me my first real writing credits. I went on to a very long career with VP Racing Fuels but before making power with them I got to shoot the cover of Super Stock Magazine and if you want to talk power just imagine what those rockets accomplished.


They, whoever “they” are, tell people they can do anything if they just try. Well I’ll never fly without the help of a plane or a parachute but I’ve been able to follow my dreams, of seeing the world and capturing as much of it as I can. This all took place while working in the fast-paced world of motorsports. Whether in words or with images, my passion is still on fire. Yes, you can follow your dreams so go and have at it.