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It's a story about two men, both Marines, who put their country first. One is General Stewart, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, and the other, Captain Jackson his protege, carries an inner anger because he was unable to help his parents in their losing fights with cancer. When terrorists attacked on 9/11 and almost killed his mentor in his office at the Pentagon, the young man knew what evil he COULD get his hands on and destroy. He joined the Marines and never looked back.

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About the Author

Jim Kelly has been writing since grade school and was first published in Highlights Magazine responding to a question from the editor. While studying Journalism and Law Enforcement at Penn State University, on weekends he traveled across the country covering racing as a photographer, feature writer, and columnist for motorsports magazines. He then went to work in Charlotte as the PR Director for Darrell Waltrip's Gatorade 88 NASCAR team.

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